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Monkeys are simian primates. There are over 260 known extant species of monkeys. Monkeys do not comprise a single coherent group; that is, they do not all share the same traits. Monkeys range in size from 5-6 inches (plus their tail) to 3-feet long. Their weight ranges from 4-5 ounces to 75 pounds. Some live in trees, while others live in savannah. Diets differ and may consist of leaves, nuts, insects, spiders, eggs, seeds, fruit, and small animals. Some monkeys have fully prehensile tails, meaning their tales can be used to hold and manipulate objects, while some monkeys don't. Some monkeys have color vision, like humans, and others have limited or no color vision. In essence, monkeys are a very diverse animal, with different appearances, sizes, habitats, food sources, etc. Our Monkeys novelty money bill shows several of the various types of monkeys. Don't monkey around, order your bills today!

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