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The Killer Whale, or Orca, is the largest member of the dolphin family. The Orca is found in the frigid waters of the Arctic and Antarctic regions, as well as in warm, tropical seas. Some populations of Orcas feed primarily on fish, while other populations feed on sea lions, seals, and large whales. Although not considered an endangered species, some Orca populations are threatened due to pollution, loss of food sources, conflicts with fishing vessels, habitat losses, and whaling activities. Orcas have distinctive markings, with their black backs, white chests and sides, and white patches above and behind their eyes. Female Orcas reach maturity at age 15, and give birth to calves about every 5 years, following a 15-18 month gestation period. Females generally live to age 50, but in exceptional cases may live to be 80 or 90. Their calves are born with a yellowish or orange tint, which fades to white. Calves are about 8 feet long at birth. Adult males can reach up to 31 feet long and weigh over 6 tons, with some reportedly reaching 8 tons. Females are smaller, reaching up to 28 feet and weighing up to 5 tons. The Orca's large size and strength make them the fastest marine mammals. They often reach speeds over 35 miles per hour. Order your Killer Whale bills today!

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